What is Cortex?

Cortex was formed with the sole mission to provide athletes of all abilities the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally. The current narrative of social media and its training approach provides an unhealthy focus on what one looks like and what one can achieve. This often creates a level of isolation, overwhelming pressure to conform, self-sabotage and lack of self confidence in individuals seeking success and happiness.

At Cortex, we our passionate about empowering those around us. We believe and practice mentality enhanced fitness! The pursuit for athleticism and wellness should be a positive and enjoyable journey. Continuous development and self-actualisation are the fundamental aspects behind the ethos and values of Cortex. Our credibility stems from ensuring Cortex coaches and staff lead from the front and promote our core objectives. We are proud of the positive impact children and adults have experienced from our methodology and continuous support.

What we do

Cortex has an established team providing a wealth of knowledge, life, and coaching experience. Most importantly, Cortex staff have the drive to deliver effective methods of physical and mental training. We pave the way to help people overcome barriers, gain confidence, and achieve a life filled with limitless potential. Our culture cultivates fitness that is not intimidating or daunting and it is the most effective way to provide longevity and fulfilment in life.

Values of a Cortex Athlete


Pride in the mechanics of the movements, not the load or the time.


Does all the reps, all the skills, all the work.


Refuses the easy option and always gives their best.


Radiates, encourages and supports only positive energy and belief.


Humble, prepared, focused and willing to be developed.


Maintains awareness, has acceptance, chases adaptation and overcomes adversity.

Ethos of Cortex Training Centre


All Athletes, Coaches and Staff feel valued, invested and respected.


Receptive to all new and visiting athletes.


Provide a training environment that allows growth both mentally and physically.


Installing a sense of belief to achieve greatness and the feeling of success.


Bringing out the best in each other; no jealousy, negativity, or cliques. Just one team.


Providing a professional standard to mentality enhanced fitness.

Abilities of a Cortex Coach


Effectively teach the mechanics and points of performance for each movement.


Identify good and improper movement whether the athlete is in motion or static.


Triage and facilitate better form through correct visual, verbal or tactical instruction.

Group Management

Strong organisation and control of each session for the optimal experience.

Presence and Attitude

Create a positive and engaging learning environment for all athletes.


Display accurate visual examples of all movements and the form required.